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Episode 1 Winter Is Coming

game of thrones season 1 episode 1 watch online free with english subtitles

You can watch online free game of thrones season 1 episode 1 with english subtitles. This is not my video. I found video above and link below in google and forum. You can download this episode in HD (better quality than video above):

game of thrones season 1 episode 1 download free with english subtitles

Game of Thrones season 1 episode 1 – Description

“Winter Is Coming” is the first episode of the HBO medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones. Running 62 minutes long, it premiered April 17, 2011.

It was written by the show creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, in a faithful adaptation of the first chapters of George R. R. Martin’s book of the same name. The episode was directed by Tim Van Patten, paving over the work done by director Thomas McCarthy in an unaired pilot.

game of thrones season 1 episode 1 watch online free with english subtitlesThree men are sent behind the Wall with the task of tracking the wild. One of the scouts, the camp is located in the forest, and in it the dismembered bodies of wild people, but when leads to the place of his comrades, it turns out that the body disappeared. Men begin to look for traces that will allow them to recreate the course of events. Meanwhile, the atmosphere of horror and mystery is growing in the forest. Suddenly there are strange pale ghosts with intense blue eyes. One of them kills the leader of the scouts, sir Weimar of the model guaranteed. The other men flee in panic. Dead wild men lived, and their eyes also become dark blue, inhuman tone. The second scout also dies, the latter manages to escape.

The scout of The night’s Watch ran South, but he could not get far. He was captured by men with a wolf on their flags and brought to Lord Eddard stark, Mr. Winterfell. In Winterfell everyday life continues, the guys train handling weapons, and the girls are engaged in embroidery. The eldest of stark’s daughters, Sansa, embroiders beautifully, younger, and much better comes archery. On the news of the capture of the deserter Eddard stark gathers people and sent to administer Royal justice. During the execution of the Ruler of the North accompanied by sons, ward Theon Greyjoy and soldigame of thrones season 1 episode 1 with english subtitles watch online freeers from Winterfell. The deserter remembers the White Wanderers ” and tries to warn the witnesses of the execution from them, but no one except bran pays attention to his warnings. On the way back the Starks find a dead deer, and a few meters-a dead werewolf and her puppies. Eddard stark wants to kill the puppies first, but against the arguments of Jon snow (five puppies, one for each of the young Starks) concedes, przykazując only that the children themselves should take care of their animals. When the stark team withdrew, Jon snow finds another little wolf. Unlike the rest, this white and snow is behaving it for himself. In Winterfell arrives with a message from the Raven. Lady stark finds her husband in God’s grove, firing the sword under chertovu with a white trunk and red leaves. Brings him news of the death of his friend John Arryn, who was for stark as a father. He also reports that king Robert Baratheon is chosen to visit Winterfell.

game of thrones season 1 episode 1 english subtitles streamingPreparations for the Royal visit are under way at stark headquarters. Catelyn recalls Tyrion Lannister’s passion for night reading, although, according to Maester luwin, Tyrion spends his nights at pijaństwie. Robb, John and Theon go to balvir, meanwhile, little bran sees from the top of the walls of Winterfell Royal orshak. The boy’s mother categorically forbids him to climb the walls. The Royal motorcade enters the castle. Knights bad sight looks at Arya, Sansa, and clearly catches the eye of the young Prince. According to preliminary welcomes king Robert goes with ned in krypt. In the basement briefly recall the old days, king Robert tells ned that he should be his Governor. In addition, the king plans to unite the stark and Baratheon families with family ties, through the future wedding of Joffrey with Sansa.

game of thrones season 1 episode 1 english subtitles watch onlineTyrion Lannister does not welcome hosts as he spends pleasant moments in the local public house. His absence will be noticed. Jaime is a brother, informs him about the planned evening study and leads a crowd of all ordered Tyrion prostitutes.

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Jon snow doesn’t take part in the feast. Practicing in the court fight with the sword, and he was the first to notice the arrival of Benjen stark, his uncle, one of the scouts of the Night’s Watch. In conversation with him, John suggests that he would like to join The night watch. Ned shares with Benjen the information he received from the night’s watch deserter. Benjen’s worried about his brother about the white travelers.

Ned and Catelyn’s late-night conversation interrupts Maester luwin’s arrival. He’s delivering a letter from Lisa Arryn, cat’s sister. Bald writes about his escape from king’s Landing, reports that her husband was killed, and that behind this crime are the Lannisters. Catelyn tries to dissuade ned from accepting the dignity of the Royal Governor, reminds him of the fate of his father and brother.

game of thrones season 1 episode 1 online freeIn the distant Pentos, the young Daenerys Targaryen is preparing to meet her future husband. Her brother, Viserys, plans to marry her to the Khala Road, the leader of the półdzikiego tribe of the Dothraki, in exchange for help in restoring the lost throne. At the wedding, the soldiers from halasar play primitive, and Viserys is looking forward to the moment when he receives from the road the promised army. Weselnicy bring gifts – exiled from Westeros, a knight, ser Jorah Mormont, Daenerys brings the book, which is written history of the Seven Kingdoms, a gift from the Magister Illyrio the three dragon eggs from the Shadow lands beyond asshai. Khal Drogo gives Daenerys a beautiful Mare as a gift and together they go to a deserted place to fulfill their marriage there.

game of thrones season 1 episode 1 stream englishIn Winterfell residents with guests go hunting. Bran stark takes the opportunity and climbs the castle walls. While climbing one of the towers, he catches Cersei and Jamie Lannister cheating on marriage. After a brief conversation, Jaime suddenly throws bran out the window. This was game of thrones season 1 episode 1 summary.

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My review

Just watched the first episode. So, first I’ll say that I loved this story without the slightest grinding. As for me the series, at least the first episode is sensational. Of course, there are changes compared to that before the book, but it was obvious and, in my opinion, in good series came out.

Tags: game of thrones watch online free with english subtitles.

As for the actors/characters in it:
Ned is perfect, just like me. It’s his” winter is coming ” is already legendary, and only his voice should be spoken 🙂
Cat-I liked it, a bit so “theatrically”, that is not in this case nor disadvantage of
The stark kids are Rob, not much was to show, but I buy it, Sansa – you bring me even more than in the book, so it’s also a spore plus 😉 Arya and bran seem to najciekawsi from what I saw. I really liked what was shown. Rikon, obviously, had little representation well, and it is known to be a boy. You can see it in this first episode only twice.
Jon snow – also very good, but why he has such hair…. I can’t get over it, but acting is decent.
Robert – just as I imagined it, spills out for me
Cersei is good, but again, this hairstyle is a bit different as I wanted to, but everything is OK 😉
Jaime – no charges
Tyrion is also okay, few scenes with him was not but as you know, this is just the beginning, more will cope
Dani-she played quite a few things, quite often seeing her dreamy, sick face 😉
Viserys – it looks like from the book centrally subsided, Targaryen, his mouth full.
The other characters hold high level, looks great ser Jorah, is, on the contrary, for me, the best actor probably couldn’t find. Hound looks a little startavo, but for how he comes to Winterfell in his dog hat, this ciary are: D

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A few more pros and cons:
+ Intro impressive, excellent Muse, map of Westeros, the city, quite interestingly shown, in General jaw precipitation (at least mine) Note how the names of the actors are displayed-it’s next, each is a smaller copy of the coat of arms. And so near Sean Bean-a direwolf next to Harry Lloyd dragon, even next to Alfie Allen is a miniature Kraken. For me bomb: D
+ first class costumes
+ a brief scene showing the preparation for the feasts in Winterfell, Tyrion jokes that she loves a drink… There was no such scene in the book, at least I don’t remember. Also the scene where Rob, Theon and Jon shave before the holiday.
+ dead werewolf with small
+ Two small situations that I really liked:
Sansa’s reaction to the question of where her sister is… such Central I don’t care 😉
and a short dialogue at a feast between Catelyn and Cersei while Robert is obsessed with some fat girl:
Is this your first time in my North grace?
– Yes, lovely country… ;)))
as for cons, it’s hard for me to find something
– towers in Winterfell, such as round, I do not know, did not like

In General, the first episode is great, very good climber.
I’d forget. Quite a lot of nudity and sex. I don’t mind, though I was even surprised how much they showed. Similarly, the slosh of jars at the wedding feast at Khal Drogo. It is seen that not certolili and can be expected strong scenes in subsequent series.

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