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Two Swords (2014)
58 min|Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy|06 Apr 2014
9.1Rating: 9.1 / 10 from 30244 users
Tyrion welcomes a guest to King's Landing. At Castle Black, Jon stands trial. Daenerys is pointed to Meereen, the mother of all slave cities. Arya runs into an old enemy.

game of thrones season 4 episode 1 downloadTwo Swords is the first episode of the fourth season of “game of thrones”. It premiered on HBO on April 13, 2014 in the United States

Tywin Lannister instructs the melting sword of the stark emblem, the Ice belonging to Eddarda stark, two less. Lord Tywin looks at the process, and then burns the vagina the sword from the wolf’s skin. Tywin presents one of the swords to his son, James. Impressed with this weapons, because the Lannisters have not had their own sword of Valyrian steel, but from the death of Valyria not talking about wykuwaniu new. Tywin admits that he hired a blacksmith to forge the sword of someone who would no longer need the sword. The Kingslayer, it seems, is grateful to the father for a fine gift, however has problems with what to remove the weapon in a sheath, – his left hand still will not be compared to  efficiency of the lost right hand that does not leave to the father’s mind. Tywin cruelly claims that Jaime cannot serve in the Royal Guard with only one hand. Tension is born between men, as the Kingslayer does not want to hear about leaving the Guard, even when his father offers him a release from the vows and return to Casterly Rock, so Jaime began to rule as a Lord. Tywin is angry because of the refusal of the son. He distinguishes it nevertheless allows you to keep the sword.game of thrones season 4 episode 1 english subtitles

game of thrones season 4 episode 1 free onlineTyrion Lannister, along with Bronn and Podrick waiting for the delegation of dornia with Prince Doran Martell led by invited to the Royal wedding. To the Dwarf’s surprise, the Prince does not appear due to illness. Dornish lords inform Tyrion that instead of Doran came his younger brother, Prince Oberyn, called the red Viper. Much to Tyrion’s disappointment, Oberyn appeared in the city before dawn. The dwarf decides to find Prince Oberyn before he gets into trouble. Escorting the Dornish lords to their quarters is recommended by the city guard.

game of thrones season 4 episode 1 onlineMeanwhile, Prince Oberyn, along with his favorite Ellaria sand, evaluates prostitutes in one of the many comfort homes in the capital. However, when Oberyn hears “the rains of Castamere” coming from the next room, he gets angry and falls into solace with the Lannister people. One of the soldiers reaches the sword, but the Prince quickly: hurts the enemy in the arm with a knife. When Tyrion enters the room with Bronn, Oberyn and Tyrion go outside to talk face to face. Prince Dorne openly admits that he came to the capital in search of justice and revenge for his sister, Elia Martell and her children, who died at the hands of Gregor “Gore” Clegane, and during the looting Of king’s Landing, on the orders of Tywin Lannister. Tyrion is embarrassed by his father’s such open accusation-it’s a crime because, as before, no one dared to loudly admit that it was Tywin Lannister who ordered the killing of Prince Rhaegara’s children.

Sansa Lannister from stark house, her husband, Tyrion and Shae are sitting in the gardens. Shae is upset with Sansa, who has lost her appetite. The girl, however, is still heartbroken after the death of her brother and mother. Tyrion asks Shae to leave because he wants to talk to his wife alone. Lannister takes Sansa by the hand, which doesn’t include jealous Shae. Sansa cancels the hand, but Tyrion defies. He says he should try to help her. The girl tells him that he does not sleep at night, because all thoughts about the dead members of his family. Tyrion offers drugs, but Sansa stubbornly ignores his advice. Lets him know what he knows about the drastic details of his mother and brother’s death. Asks her husband to let her go to God’s Grove. This is the only place where you can be alone. Lannister’s right. And Tyrion is sent to his room, where he meets Shae. A woman wants to be his mistress again. The dwarf refuses. He is angry with her and worried that someone might have noticed that the maid was entering his room, which could lead to her danger. Shae is jealous of Sansa. He accuses Tyrion of wanting to send his mistress across the Narrow sea. Tyrion is impounded and Shae leaves the room. Cyber made Jamie a Golden hand. Lannister’s not happy about the fight. In the hall are also Cersei, who expresses his gratitude to eksmaesterowi for causing his brother a new hand. When a Friend leaves the room, the Kingslayer notes that his sister began to drink. Cersei angrily declares that, in recent times it has too many fell: the death of her husband, the departure of Mercalli in the mandrel, the siege of king’s landing or Joffrey’s wedding with Margaery. Jaime says he stays in the Kingsguard, so he can still be with her. He tries to kiss her, but the Queen rejects him. Cersei reproaches him for his absence. He’s not paying attention to Jamie’s transfer that he was a prisoner. The dispute is interrupted by a servant, informing the Queen that Shae visited the chambers of Tyrion.

game of thrones season 4 episode 1 watch online free streamingLady Olenna helps her granddaughter prepare for the wedding. Chooses jewelry for the future Queen. They are interrupted by Brienne of Tarth. Olenna is impressed by the warrior who wanted to talk to Margaery alone about Renly Baratheon. Brienne tells Tyrellównie that their king has been killed, a mysterious shadow with the face of Stannis Baratheon. Margaery seems to have bit worry information from Brienne. Says their king Joffrey is now. Jaime Lannister, ser Meryn, and Joffrey set out the details of the Royal wedding defense. Joffrey taunts his uncle that his only achievement is the murder of Airis the Madman, and now, after losing his hand, not only will he not be able to get the glory of his predecessors, but he will not be able to protect his king enough. Sansa is praying to God’s Grove. From above are watching for it Jaime and Brienne. The woman reminds the Kingslayer of the oath he swore to Catelyn stark-the knight had to watch over her daughters to keep them safe. Jaime is disappointed to say he’s already screwed up because the younger girl hasn’t been seen since Eddard stark died. In his opinion, Arya is dead. And Sansa became Tyrion’s wife, and the Kingslayer sees no other way than to leave her in king’s Landing. Brienne’s pressuring him that it doesn’t release him from his oath yet. Jaime annoys her friend, but after a while she recognizes her rights. Sansa prays until she hears the anxious rustle of the bushes. On the way back from God’s Grove feels tracked. Follow her fat man. Turns out it’s ser Dontos Hollard, the stupid drunken knight that Sansa saved from death at the hands of Joffrey. The man thanks her for saving her life, and gives the girl a necklace with blue crystals, which belonged to his mother. Sansa, at first reluctantly, accepts the gift. Promises, that will wear his with pride.

game of thrones season 4 episode 1 watch online with english subtitlesWild men in the gorge. Ygritte, clearly upset, shoots. Tormund laughs with her that she wasn’t able to kill Jon snow, despite being among the shooters. He claims that Ygritte let him live on purpose because he still has feelings for him. A group of men enter the camp; the savages don’t seem to be thrilled about it. The visitors are the thenns, a tribe of cannibals. They were sent by Mance to help Tormund’s group devastate the surrounding lands.

game of thrones season 4 episode 1 watch online freeThe Thenns leader, Stier, asks Tormund uncomfortable questions, including what happened to their Varg and why they don’t have Jon snow. Tormund says that he is responsible only before the King-beyond-the-Wall. Signed up teasing Tormundem and Ygritte that they have to try human meat, especially meat Raven from Castle Black. Tormund and Ygritte look with disgust at the human shoulder, hanging over the furnace.

In the Black Castle is preparing to defend against the invasion of wild. John has recovered from his wounds, sadanori him through Ygritte, but still obviously lame. Meets with another painful blow-news of Robb’s death. John tells Sam that in ancient times he was jealous of his brother from the right bed, who succeeded in everything. He admits that he has always loved Robb. He tells a friend that the time has come to give testimony in court, served as the interim Vice commander of the CEP Alliser Thorne, master of Aemon Targaryen, the first Builder of Othello Arvika and of Janos Slynt, which still was not the commander of the city watch of king’s landing. Thorne asks snow about the details of the death of Cohorin half-armed. John testifies truthfully, which, however, was not convinced by hostile-minded Thorne and Slynt . Men, he’s accused of collaborating with the wildlings. John was angry that being a double agent was a task given to him by the half-armed, but admits that he broke a vow with a wild girl. Slynt and Thorne think it’s a good reason to punish John. Snow repetiruet that at the time when they are fasting they talk about his broken vows, mance Rayder, along with a powerful, statesbuy army is preparing a night attack on the guard from the North. Informs them that the second squad is wild at the same time attacking the black Castle from the South. Thorne is still not convinced, but the rumor ends Maester Aemon saying that John is telling the truth. The Commission will be canceled..

game of thrones season 4 episode 1 watch onlineDaenerys Targaryen sits with his three dragons on the beach. Each of the dragons grew to the size of a small horse. When Viserion and Rhaegal fight over a piece of sheep meat, Drogon is included in the skirmishes. Daenerys tries to calm the black dragon, but this formidable growls and teeth. Daenerys is upset. Jorah Mormont appears distressed. The man notes that even the Mother of Dragons is not able to fully control these monsters. Daenerys returns to his army of the Unsullied. They ask about Daria Naharis and The grey Worm. It turns out that both men sit opposite each other, and each holds his sword in his outstretched hands. Daario tells Daenerys that those who longer hold a weapon, will be able to ride next to Daenerys. Daenerys responds with a quip that this privilege belongs to Joraha Mormont and barristana cheese Selmy Potter, after which States that whoever as the latter will hold the sword can find a new Queen to fight for her. Daario and the grey Worm quickly abandon the competition.

game of thrones season 4 episode 1 subtitlesDaenerys and Messagei follow the unrelated troops. Daenerys is planning an attack on the slave city of Meereen. For women suitable Daario Naharis. She asks Missanga to leave him alone with the Queen, because he wants to discuss with her a strategy. As it turned out, the man brought Daenerys flowers. This one is annoyed at first, but after a few minutes she becomes a charming mercenary. The army of the Unsullied stops. Worried about Daenerys coming to CEP Barristan and Joraha. The knights look at the crucifixion of the child of a slave. Ser Jorah tells the Queen that crosses with children mean every mile on the way to Meereen. Daenerys asks about the distance of this place from the city in miles. He’ll know it’s 163. Recommends his Advisor to take off the ship collar ship with the child’s body before they are buried.

Arya stark and Sandor Clegane roam the war-torn Pool. Arya puts pressure on his companion to make her a horse. The girl assures him that he will not run away. Her whole family’s dead, so she has nowhere to go. Sandor responds that he plans to take her to her aunt, lady Lysy in the Arryn Valley and get a ransom for her.

game of thrones season 4 episode 1 streamThe travelers followed the hostess. Arya recognizes one of the guests. Turns out he’s Polliver, the Man mountain, who killed her friend Lommy. Moreover, it turns out that Zholdak still has her sword, the Needle. Arya moves to a meeting with Polliverem to recover weapons and revenge, but stops through the Dog at the tavern door. Together they go inside. When they sit at a table, they draw the attention of Polliver that recognizes Sandor. The conversation between the two men begins. Polliver urges Sandor to Rob the neighborhood because they both serve the Lannisters. Clean it with the words “fuck the king.” Polliver knows that the rumors about the refusal of the Lannisters using the Dog are real. The tavern is a fight between Sandor and the people of the mountains. Arya from the very beginning does not mix into skirmishes, but soon supports the dog in the fight. The girl sees a chance to avenge Polliver. He takes his needle and repeats the same words over the downed man as he did Before he killed Lommi. Girl kills soldier. Hound was impressed when after some time together they leave the tavern, Arya Stark squats own horse.

My opinion:

The best premiere episode in history Received.
And the fact that Harrington played really well. Let holds the entire season, and I finally buy Jon snow in his performance, because after today’s episode I have a huge plus.

On + :
– Oberyn. Although the scene in the brothel (actually, it must be a brothel?) on average, I liked it, it’s a character – I buy. At first this casting suited me on average, but after the trailers I started convincing him, after which the 4×01 made me completely convince myself. Ellaria is also gorgeous, you can see they’ll spend more time on the show than in the book, where she was practically just a backdrop for Oberyn.
– Jaime. Every scene with Jamie, Nikolai like Jaime, is a full championship, and I really can’t imagine another Jamie. Especially the scene like, waving the Golden hand. Plus the moment Brienne asks if there are any relatives: D
– Tywin and the opening scene before Intro with the ice and the wolf-until I had a fight. More Rain Castamere in the background…
– Olenny’s reaction to Brienne, championship: D
– Bronn and yellow balls?
– Thenns cool, typical “badassy” but it’s good, stand out from the rest of the wild of which just can’t Ygritt stands out, in my opinion. Tormund almost crapped my pants 😛
– Dragons look great.
– Sansa in mourning, in hair, tense, as and its mother + ser Dontos (, it is a pity that so late, but plus, that at all there is)
– Ser Duncan the tall and ser Arthur Dyne!
– Joffrey. No, well, after episode 2, the show will lose one of its best actors. Joffrey scribe was completely indifferent to me, BA, I hated him in the series-I love, really, all the credit to Jack Gleason.
– Arya and Ogar. WOW. Despite the digressions, bookish, I prefer the Duo Arya and Ogar in the series than in the book, more… dynamic? The action in the tavern – I’m not in the mood for precipitation puppies because they killed the Tickler in the 2nd season, so there will be “how many” here, please. However, Arya poking first the sword did not give him the “gift of grace”, but that’s okay. The murder of Polliver was brilliant, acting the play Maisy at the moment it is truly a masterpiece. And the fact that Arya’s slight smile after the murder was really a bit… frightening. Dog, as usual, championship.
– Night Watch, plus, as I wrote Kit is really going on, just so keep up until the end of the season, a very good scene as turned off Slynta 😉

On + /-:
– New Daario Naharis. Hmm, new is not bad, all right, but different from the book, and not only in appearance. He’s too handsome. Easy to love, but it should be the opposite.
– Daenerys, Emilia advised herself well last season, especially during “drakaris”, but this season probably will not be so good actor’s name.

On -:
– Shae. Indeed, that his main motive should be jealousy? Shae, in fact, I’m not digesting, completely insensitive, I would prefer the stupid and naive Shae from the book than the series. I was hoping for a servant girl who flew to Cersei.

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