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game of thrones season 5 episode 1 watch online free with english subtitles

The Wars to Come watch online free
The Wars to Come (2015)
53 min|Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy|12 Apr 2015
8.5Rating: 8.5 / 10 from 27340 users
Cersei and Jaime adjust to a world without Tywin. Tyrion and Varys arrive at Pentos. In Meereen, a new enemy emerges. Jon is caught between two kings.

You can watch online free game of thrones season 5 episode 1 with english subtitles. This is not my video. I found video above and link below in google and forum. You can download this episode in HD (better quality than video above):

game of thrones season 5 episode 1 download free with english subtitles

Game of Thrones season 5 episode 1 – Description

The Wars to Come – the first episode of the fifth season of “game of thrones”. It premiered on HBO on April 12, 2015 in the United States.

game of thrones season 5 episode 1 watch online with english subtitlesTeenager Cersei Lannister with his girlfriend visits the forest witch. Requires from it predictions about his future. She learns that she will marry the king, and for a time she will be Queen, until another comes, the youngest and the prettiest, who will take all that is dear to Cersei. The witch predicts that the Queen will have three children who will be crowned and then die.

Adult Cersei recalls the prediction on the day of the funeral of Tywin Lannister. From his father’s body, watching Jaime. Cersei talks to his brother, accusing him of being indirectly responsible for Tywin’s death.

watch game of thrones season 5 episode 1 onlineLocked in a box, Tyrion Lannister goes with Varys to Pentos. Elder over septimi frees Lannister only at the residence of his colleagues Illyrio Mopatis. Varys admits that he and his friends seek to return the throne to the Targaryens, but Tyrion is more interested in wine than talking about politics.

game of thrones season 5 watch online with subtitlesA giant statue of the Harpy, the dominant over the pyramids in Meereen, will be overthrown. In the city there masked killer called the sons of the Harpy. Attack Flawless, and the body of a defeated enemy to leave his mask. Daenerys orders to find the killers and the killed Blameless be buried with military honors in the Church.

game of thrones season 5 episode 1 watch onlineIn the Black Castle, Jon Snow prepares future recruits, and Sam Tarly talks to Carnation. Night watch will soon be choosing a new Lord commander. Among the candidates there are good chances to choose ser Alliser Thorne. Stannis is a conversation between Jon snow. He promises that he wants the North, and if he does, he’ll kill RUz Bolton, the man responsible for Robb stark’s death. Stannis understands what he needs for support during the war. It is expected that the free people will go together with him to fight for Winterfell, in exchange for Stannis promises them a pardon, and after the victory in the war make the earth. Requires respect from to mance Rayder, threatening that otherwise it will burned the King-beyond-the-Wall on fire.

13-year-old Robert Arryn practices sword fighting, and przypatrują back Sansa stark, Littlefinger and Lord Royce. Young Arryn remains under the care of Royce, and Petyr Baelish together with Sansa go on a further journey. By the way, are Brienne and Podrick.

game of thrones season 5 episode 1 freeAt King’s Landing, Cersei Lannister must listen to the words of condolences given after the death of Lord Tywin. There are Yes among the sympathizers. Cousin has changed, dresses in modest clothing, churchgoers barefoot and, as argues his father Kevan Lannister, is one of religious fanatics, – called “sparrows.” Lancel in conversation with Cersei admits that he regrets his past and as a converted sinner found peace.

game of thrones season 5 watch online free with english subtitlesStubborn evening Loras and Oliver interrupts Margerie. The young Queen offers her brother a behavior of greater stealth, but Loras is convinced that there is no need to hide in King’s Landing with her sexual adventures. Also believes that after the death of Tywin Lannister plans related to marriage to Cersei, will be canceled.

watch game of thrones season 5 online with english subtitlesTyrion wants to know why Varys released him from prison. The argument that this happened at Jamie Lannister’s request does not convince him. Varys convinces Tyrion that he must lead the ruler to victory stronger than tomen, but softer than Stannis, who will lead the Kingdom to order and justice, and who comes with the appropriate kind. The ruler of this must be Daenerys Targaryen.

game of thrones season 5 episode 1 streamThe streets of Meereen are patrolled by units of the Unsullied. Hizdahr consists of a relationship with his expedition to Yunkai-those who are powerful agreed to give power to the elders, created from the former owners of slaves and liberators, and the solution of more important problems agree to entrust Daenerys. The wise masters of Yunkai need to re-open arenas, but Daenerys is warm. At night for the opening of the arenas trying to convince her Daario Naharis, who began his mercenary career as a Gladiator. Daario also realizes that the true power is dragons, not an army of the Unsullied. Daenerys visits the captured dragons and discovers that there is no power over them.

game of thrones season 5 episode 1 watch online with english subtitlesJon Snow visits Mance prison and passes him Stannis ultimatum. Mance appreciates Stannis and his aspirations, but refuses to be ill in front of Baratheon, pointing out that this would be a betrayal of all ideals. Moreover, the loyalty of one’s people to die in another’s war is unacceptable to a king behind a wall.

Mance in front of the night’s Watch brothers, Stannis, his wife and daughter, and a handful of wild people, will be worked out on the stack. After short speeches of Melisandre enclose fire. Execution violates Jon snow, killing a bow to Mance Rayder. Best website Game Of Thrones season 5 watch online free with english subtitles.

My review

Well, waited for the premiere of season 5. I recognize that from the second to the fourth season premiere has always been my feeling the most weak. For this episode, I was very pleasantly surprised. This is by far the best opening of the season so far, and generally one of the best episodes Got. I’m really impressed. But maybe it’s a matter of this season being a turning point, and I couldn’t wait to see it.

Remember that on our website,  game of thrones season 5 episode 1 watch online with english subtitles.

Traditionally we write pros and cons, but in my sense every scene deserves a little commentary, so I fly in chronological order.

– young Cersei and the prophecy kindly came out though otherwise I imagined Maggie (+)
– Tywin, those eyes! and Twins do one thinks about the future, and the other rights (+)
– Tyrion spilled out of the box if he felt what he looked like, it’s empathy for the Dwarf, the scene is great, (+) but also (-) for changing the story as Varys met the ser merchant. It looks like the dragons will only be red…
– Meereen, here are some pros, even they managed to make a good scene in a brothel and not that White Rat have not experienced. Dragons have grown horribly, beasts. Daario wasn’t even upset, but rather his translation that Sometimes loses the foundations of his power (the Dragon Queen without dragons she’s nobody), even too kumate as a former player from the arenas. But then I have a quiet hope, although 99% it will not match that the completion of the flow Daario will be his duel with ser Richard Horpe. Above, you can watch game of thrones season 5 online with english subtitles.
– Valley-Robercik happens to be moving away from the book prototype, even as his sparring partner feathers it he gets back up from the grass and fights on. Sansa is far, far from Alayne (even the one coming down from the eagle’s Nest), thoughts, thoughts, thoughts @plotting (+big). I knew that Lolita will be delighted with the start Petsana. Brienne and Under, of course, that filler, but interested.
– Kevan and Yes, this second came out just fine, is no longer as chłopoczkiem as before, and the whole scene is a good introduction to the flow of sparrows (+)
– Loras, and Oliver, a pure filler, but thankfully not annoying (+/-)
– Wall, stream, which strongly pulls the score at 6, or even 7!!!

Jilly’s charming with Sam. John and Mel in the Elevator, that is, a seductive smile No. 155 and the question of genre, “why do you ask?”. Stannis, after all, writing the script came from someone who knows what’s going on with this character, which is what I was hoping for after the Iron Bank scene. And still come these words mance, that if Stannis wins throne, this will be the best king, in for a hundred years, and these unspoken on a fire, “I know, that on my place you would have made accurately the same, that and I.” It’s also a cross-shoulder look at Jon snow after the shot, if that’s not an endorsement, it’s I don’t know what it could be.

Shirin, if she is the heiress, then she must do some things and cope, I see her father’s daughter.

Wounded from the battlefield on the Wall (Tormund, ser Alliser) – quickly healed himself. And the news is also spreading quickly-Stannis knows about Tywin’s death.

Super episode to only the rest kept the level.

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