Episode 10 – The Winds of Winter

The Winds of Winter watch online free
The Winds of Winter (2016)
68 min|Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy|26 Jun 2016
9.9Rating: 9.9 / 10 from 134548 users
Cersei and Loras Tyrell stand trial by the gods. Daenerys prepares to set sail for Westeros. Davos confronts Melisandre. Sam and Gilly arrive in the Citadel. Bran discovers a long-kept secret. Lord Frey has an uninvited guest.

game of thrones season 6 episode 10 watch online free with english subtitles

You can watch online free game of thrones season 6 episode 10 with english subtitles. This is not my video. I found video above and link below in google and forum. You can download this episode in HD (better quality than video above):

game of thrones season 6 episode 10 download free with english subtitles

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 – My opinion

What a great travel this year was. This is now turning into one of the best shows of all time, which afterwards just the first two or three seasons, was hard for me to predict.

I haven’t cast my vote on this show yet, I wait until it is done. Only then, I believe I will vote on this series. Where lots of TV series provide a great or powerful initial season and receive a top vote, just to plummet later, and still keep their high scores. I only believe that about a TV series, the whole story has to be informed before I can finally deliver my own verdict.

Because since I mentioned, many TV shows becomes increasingly worse over time, even TV shows with only a few seasons frequently do. However, this is not the situation with “game of thrones”. This show has definitely had it’s ups and downs, but what it does well is to continue delivering strong broadcasts, strongest performances, strongest management, powerful CGI. Well it is powerful in everything essentially.

Had never thought this string could provide play to the level of “The Wire” or “The Sopranos” only to cite two. But however I always thought it’d deliver a powerful narrative that could intrigue and keep people on the edge of the chairs, which it is done with flying colors, inhabitable in the degree of “Breaking Bad”.

When I watched the reddish wedding incident, I felt that the identical manner do now. I have this feeling of WOW flowing through me. I have just seen something extraordinary. And then I feel like praising the people, the cast, the whole production for their exceptional craftsmanship. I’m only in amazement this incident I only watched.

The episode before this, “The battle of the bastards”. Was a bit of a disappointment to me. I felt it was way to predictable and that to much happened in that incident exclusively to make me feel fulfilled from the outcome. The incident was by no means poor, but I have come to set the bar fairly high when it comes to TV shows like this, and once I feel frustrated, the incident could nevertheless be a 8/10.

But this incident however is one of the best episodes made in almost any TV show, of all time. I mean it. This is a masterpiece of an episode which manages to do everything right, I am absolutely blown away of what I just seen. And now I can not await another season to start, I better start eating my vitamins, I don’t want to risk passing off before following spring. Come to think about it I need to maybe stay indoors and avoid using ladders and these also.

There isn’t much more to be mentioned. There’s absolutely no reason to say anything else. The episode simply is a 10/10 without any doubt. And not to jinx anything, but when the shows keeps this up, it will be a 10/10 as a whole also. And that is seriously something I never expected.

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