Episode 8 – No One

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No One (2016)
59 min|Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance|12 Jun 2016
8.4Rating: 8.4 / 10 from 33440 users
Brienne arrives at Riverrun. Arya seeks shelter. Jaime meets with Edmure Tully. Cersei challenges the Faith. Sandor Clegane hunts for revenge. Tyrion faces the consequences of earlier decisions.

game of thrones season 6 episode 8 watch online free with english subtitles

You can watch online free game of thrones season 6 episode 8 with english subtitles. This is not my video. I found video above and link below in google and forum. You can download this episode in HD (better quality than video above):

game of thrones season 6 episode 8 download free with english subtitles

The Hound. His return episode was great but his redemption arc was poor. Why they needed to match him trying to change his life, together with the preacher in one episode’s passing, I don’t know. They need to have revealed him during the entire year learning this existence and it be ripped apart like that towards the end of season, it happened too fast and felt hurried, his narrative suffers consequently. His talk with his victims was cringe worthy “f*ck you” “you can do better than that” “urm. . C*nt!” “You’re extremely sh*t at dying”. I suggest this frees up the incident for me, earlier episodes had actual depth in their dialogue. . This is just kid’s play.

Riverrun. There is A siege avoided through the blackmail of Jamie and the blackfish story is finished. Anti-climax, I hate to be repetitive with all the other reviewers but I have to agree. The Tully words are “family, responsibility, honor” in that order (something that Catelyn expired for) yet he abandons Sansa to die in a place he doesn’t even rule. Pointless finish to a personality. Brienne and Jamie were great in this episode and Bronns exchange with Pod was funny I thought, matches with his personality.

Kings Landing. The ideal story this series for me. I believe that the High Sparrow is the smartest villain on the series. He knows how to play the game and could provide a run for their money to finger and Varys. Cersei is done since Olenna pointed out past episode. She has no allies and the circumstance is her own by arming the Faith to get back at the Tyrell’s by having them imprisoned doing. The High Sparrow has got her cornered and that I believe I know what Qyburn’s discovery entails for town. The clue is in the title. I always have said, the Lannisters were performed with death of Tywin and the passing of Tyrion. This has played out beautifully and I enjoy the politics of electricity here and is well paced. Though which I believed would have been a scene for the series, the theory of this hound facing the mountain was squashed.

Mereen. We are left disappointed although so much promise here together with the skills of Tyrion. There has been only 2 looks from Tyrion this season: unleashing the dragons and creating a pact with the masters. Both were moves. Now the conversation with missandei and worm was dragged on for far too long and just another cringe festival. Peter Dinklage deserves better lines than that, he has much more to offer but we’re left shortchanged. The trademark appearance with dragons of Dany got old quite a while ago. Her narrative doesn’t change within this event and has been quite stale this year. We anticipate the boats to be burnt by the dragons, for the season to end with her sailing and again the city to worship her again. Her story is really shown with by the dearth of substance.

Arya. The episode’s main story. I was not expecting much after viewing her slashed ninja flip to the water and escape the Waif last episode and stabbed. The waif is a trained assassin, Arya only undermines the skill of this training and wouldn’t get away from this at the first place. So she hides and can be cured by some soup. A building jumps off and the waif chases her throughout town, falls down a thousand steps, divides her belly open again yet defeats the waif in the dark. To top it off, she puts a face, heals up, sneaks past the master assassin jaqen and travels all of the way back into the house of black and white. Jaqen informs her she is even though she is currently holding a token of her individuality, needle, seemingly because she pretends it was his strategy all along and has a sword for his heart. The authors thought this would be the way and had no idea how to finish this story. They had been wrong, the sequence is littered with plot holes and seriously discredits the sequence.

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